Love Watching Slime Videos? You May Have ASMR

Subscribe to 'W Magazine' on YouTube to keep up with all of our latest videos and shows. Take a trip to the barber for a clean shave face massage and hot towel treatment in this video brought to you by ASMR Barber This 15-minutes long clip includes no talking, just the gentle, methodical sounds of the barber at work. For those who find eating, smacking, and chewing appealing, this video is the perfect mix of these similar (yet varied) sounds.

Typically, ASMR videos require environments with little to no background noise in order to capture those strangely pleasing sounds. There are now thousands of ASMR videos on YouTube, and during Super Bowl Sunday, there was even an entire ad dedicated to it starring Zoe Kravitz.

This 20-minute video from ASMR Massage Psychetruth features a woman getting a wonderfully relaxing treatment which includes brushing with a variety of implements including a sponge. Fredborg, Clark, & Smith (2017) looked at personality characteristics of people who experience ASMR.

From the start, people shared their triggers: slow or quiet talking, teeth cleaning and chewing sounds. In this Celebrity ASMR interview, Nina Dobrev explores autonomous sensory meridian response with whispers and sounds. Gibi ASMR went for a simple, dark feel for this video that focuses on hand movements and face touching.

Short for autonomous sensory meridian response”, ASMR is a euphoric feeling certain people get from specific auditory stimuli. I had this sensation all over my head and down my neck, it scared me. I had the feeling someone, something was watching me and was a bit shaken.

According to a 2015 study from Swansea University in Wales—the first peer-reviewed research into ASMR—whispering Micro ASMR is the most common trigger for ASMR, with 75% of participants experiencing ASMR sensations from it. The other most common triggers were personal attention, crisp sounds (like tapping or crunching), and slow movements, as reported by the group of 475 participants.

Our recent research suggests that these claims are plausible In a controlled experiment, in which people who experience ASMR watched these videos, they reported feeling much calmer and their heart rates slowed. Gibi has watched a lot of ASMR videos that she first discovered by accident, and she realized that specific movements, visuals and sounds made her feel relaxed and calm.

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